Cost reduction

If you need a secure, well-managed and robust data delivery and virus protection infrastructure but are looking to reduce your business’ capital expenditure, SatSafe has the perfect solution for you by outsourcing your business’ network needs to reduce cost.

Benefits of Cost Reduction:

  • By leveraging off the SatSafe suite of solutions, your business can reduce its capital expenditure by reducing your investment in in-house infrastructure and the personnel to manage it; instead, your business can rely on the SatSafe infrastructure and capacity, classifying the capital outlay as an operating expenditure
  • The cost-saving benefits increase even further, as by using SatSafe for all your network security and secure data delivery needs, you will reduce network management complexities and costs
  • Secure data delivery guarantees the value of critical information by eliminating data interception. This negates the risk of significant financial losses
  • Organizations can experience attacks on average of four times a year due to security software that has not been updated. Daily cost of malicious attacks to the system can amount to R900 000
  • Large MNC’s invest millions of Rand into security software which, if not managed & monitored correctly, can become a high risk vulnerability to the entire IT infrastructure and result in major financial losses