Our Vision

To revolutionize the secure delivery of data on a global scale.

SatSafe in the Making

In 2000, Ian Melamed, SatSafe’s CEO and conceptual designer, developed the SatSafe solution in reponse to a request from a Building Society Administrator, who could not update his antivirus software due to downloading timeouts. At that time, the South African postal service was unreliable and updates could not be efficiently couriered.

Antivirus companies would not extend their downloading times, as extended downloading periods would expose them to hacking risks.

Ian, a cyber-law expert, envisioned secrity update packets descending from the sky via satellite in much the same way Berlin recieved relief airdrops during a Russian force’s siege of the city in WWII.

Indeed, security updates are critical to a systems survival. South African telecommunications institutions were unyielding and desisted from entertaining the idea of innovative uses for satellite technology. Ian approached General Electric in Europe who not only assisted, but heavily invested in testing this cutting edge technology.

Over twenty six million Rand’s worth of satellite bandwidth assured the successful testing and completion of “The African Solution – SatSafe”.